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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Mail Processing with Deep Learning

This should be carefully noted, sometimes the perceived sexiest technologies should be applied to the most mundane things.   first.  Note the spread of RPA as an example.   Good look here:

Mail Processing with Deep Learning: A Case Study

Businesses increasingly delegate simple, boring, and repetitive tasks to artificial intelligence. In a case study, Alexandre Hubert — lead data scientist of software company Dataiku’s U.K. operations — worked on a team of three to automate mail processing with deep learning.

At ODSC Europe 2018, Hubert detailed how his team created a fairly successful mail processing software for a young insurance company. The deep learning system successfully processed two-thirds of all mail it received at a 1,000 letter-per-hour rate. This marked an improvement over the third-party sorting service the company used before.

Hubert and his team followed a four-part development procedure, detailed here.  ... "

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