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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Being Recognized Everywhere

Good piece about this   Another example of the implications of the inevitable.   Voice, not as often mentioned is also a dimension of this.

Being Recognized Everywhere   By Logan Kugler 
Communications of the ACM, February 2019, Vol. 62 No. 2, Pages 17-19

hanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), society is now facing a unique challenge: how do we regulate the usage of human faces and voices?

Facial recognition is the ability of computer systems to identify and us by our faces. Voice recognition is the ability of computer systems to do the same for our words. Both are powered by AI, and both create benefits for consumers and citizens.

These technologies also raise difficult questions about privacy and personal rights.

Voice recognition powers popular consumer devices like Siri and Alexa, but it is also possible these devices are surreptitiously logging conversations and providing law enforcement with information on individuals.  ... "

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