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Sunday, February 04, 2018

MIT Intelligence Quest

Quite a challenge.  The ultimate goal of what we agree is collective intelligence.  Much more at the MIT IQ  link below, than at the Boston Globe article.

MIT Enlisting Hundreds of Scientists in Effort to Make Computers Think More Like People   By Andy Rosen, in Boston Globe

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Thursday announced the launch of the MIT Intelligence Quest (MIT IQ), an agenda to coordinate the efforts of MIT's many experts to train computers to think in a more human-like manner. MIT president Rafael Reif says more than 200 faculty working in fields that include brain science, computer engineering, and robotics intend to participate in MIT IQ. He notes the program is designed to help connect scientists across disciplines and support projects in which they collaborate, as well as seek joint ventures with industry. "This is really about coupling the science of intelligence and the engineering--that is, the basic science of how intelligence works in the mind and brain with the quest to engineer more powerful, more intelligent, more human kinds of intelligence in machines," says MIT professor Josh Tenenbaum. For example, he sees cross-disciplinary collaboration helping with his development of algorithms based on the workings of the brain.  .... " 

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