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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

IBM Watson Does Assistance

Akin to smart home assistants now all around us?

IBM Watson is heading to space in an 11-pound smiling orb called CIMON  by Duncan Riley in SiliconAngle.

 IBM Corp.’s Watson is heading to space, specifically the International Space Station, in the form of an 11-pound, artificially intelligent smiling orb.

The orb, dubbed CIMON, short for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, will be taken to the ISS in June by German astronaut and scientist Alexander Gerst. It has been designed as an experimental assistance system to support astronauts in performing routine work.

Complete with an “expressive digital face,” CIMON will initially assist Gerst in running a series of tests, including an experiment with crystals, solving a Rubik magic cube based on videos, and a complex medical experiment.  .... "

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