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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tracking Human Movements

Scientists Develop Method to Track Human Movements More Accurately   in EurekAlert

Researchers at the North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Hefei University of Technology in China, and the University of North Texas (UNT) have developed a data-driven method to better detect and track human movements for use in a wide range of technologies. The researchers wanted to address the tracking of human subject movement with high accuracy and consistency, going beyond simply tracking a person or a car in a surveillance video or tracking the pose of a person to estimate their actions. They used a time-of-flight camera and a three-dimensional (3D) point cloud to identify five extreme points on the human body; after those points are marked, then the joints can be identified. "Given that our depth-imaging device can acquire only surface data of a 3D volume, a detected extreme point could become invisible after an action, [such as] rotation, which makes the consistency of detection critical," says UNT professor Xiaohui Yuan. ... " 

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