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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Challenging Mechanical Turk

We did some dignificant work with Mechnical Turk, and looked for better ways, so this is particularly interesting.  Worry, though, about the crypto currency ties, can we rely on it?

 This Startup is Challenging Mechanical Turk -  on the Blockchain   By Miranda Katz in Wired

THE PROMISE OF the gig economy—that it would empower workers to be their own bosses, liberate them from tyrannical office culture, and let creative types chase their dreams while maintaining a side hustle—is wearing thin. On-demand startups like Uber and Postmates have spawned countless lawsuits from workers claiming they’ve been misclassified and underpaid, while platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk have become infamous for pocketing 20 percent fees on microtasks that pay an average wage of $2 per hour. Now, two entrepreneurial brothers think they can rehabilitate a corner of the gig economy with blockchain technology—and they’ve just raised just over $60 million to do so.  .... "   

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