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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The New Virtual Office

I took several looks at this topic as part of our innovation center work.  Some of the capabilities I looked at still exist, see for example, what was once called Qwaq or "Immersive Terf".   Renamed 'Teleplace'. (tags on these efforts below). We also looked at and developed Virtual Worlds where people might reside and work.  None of these worked out to any degree.  Most people thought the proposal to be inefficient, cold and weird.  None really tested them sufficiently.  Now a new look:

Step into your New Virtual Office, by David Pierce in Wired

Augmented reality will transform the way you do your job, and you won’t look weird doing it. At all.
Next time you get a promotion at work, don’t agitate for the corner office. You won’t need it. Pretty soon, your office will be as big and messy and private as you like, because you’ll be the only one who can see it.

The early days of virtual and augmented reality have focused mostly on gaming, but Pokémon Go and Superhot are just a tiny part of how you’ll ultimately use smart glasses once they’re capable enough—and unobtrusive enough—to fit on our faces and into our lives. Most of the people developing mixed-reality tech think the venue where AR will really thrive is the workplace. .... " 

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