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Friday, February 16, 2018

Kroger Opens Culinary Innovation Center

Always interested in how we can innovate, was part of a number of innovation center efforts. Surprised that Kroger has not done this before.  Now I would ask, how will this do things like spot trends in foods, in consumer process, in connecting resources to customers?   And link those trends to consumer behavior and purchase?    Start thinking about data and pattern and directions. 

Kroger opens Culinary Innovation Center
Downtown Cincinnati facility to facilitate development of food service concepts and products for entire chain

Richard Turcsik in Supermarket News

The Kroger Co. today debuted its Culinary Innovation Center, featuring a commercial kitchen with multiple cooking stations, spaces and capabilities, including technology that allows video streaming of educational sessions to Kroger associates across the country.

Kroger spent a reported $2.5 million remodeling the two-story brick building at 901 W. Elm St. in downtown Cincinnati, not far from its corporate headquarters, into the LEED-designed facility. Construction on the Center began in March 2017. .... " 


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