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Monday, February 26, 2018

Human Touch is Essential

Well thought out piece.   Its not too much different than adding any kind of tech to work directly with people.  Augment their work skills.  Perhaps to the level of their replacement.   Even augment their ability to be creative.   Now we can construct solutions that are closer to human thought work,  so if we hope to do that kind of work a clear level and description of collaboration is also needed.

AI: Useless Without the Human Touch
By Gordon White -  in CustomerThink

There are conflicting opinions about the impact emerging technologies will have on the future job market. The reality is this: many of the jobs that will exist in 2030 do not exist today. Our jobs are not at risk of disappearing, but rather evolving and ultimately enabling us to maximize the impact of the human characteristics that make us so valuable: empathy, emotion and sociability.

There is no debate over whether artificial intelligence will change the workplace – it already is – but whether or not companies will have the capacity to successfully integrate AI in a way that empowers humans to work faster, better and smarter. New tech opens up countless exciting possibilities, as long as we are able to anticipate them and adapt accordingly. If companies fail to support AI that collaborates with their human employees, new technology will have limited impact. There was a largely unanimous feeling of confidence around the future of jobs coming out of the World Economic Forum, with many leaders agreeing on human reskilling as a top priority for companies in 2018.... "

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