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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Amazon Invades Advertising

Podcast and text.  How will this change their assistants? 

Amazon Has Officially Invaded The Advertising Industry

By Collin Colburn, Analyst,   Forrester

Retailers and security: perception versus reality

Forrester Analysts Brendan Miller and Josh Zelonis discuss the growing concern of security in retail — that which is real and that which is perceived.

Amazon is seemingly part of every sector of the economy – and that now includes advertising.

We fielded many questions from clients about Amazon ads during 2017 and by year’s end, we were curious about how significant its advertising business had become. Since Amazon doesn’t break out its revenues from advertising (although it’s been estimated to be over $1 billion), we thought: why not see how its advertising business performed during the crucial holiday season?  .... " 

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