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Monday, February 26, 2018

No Conversations Yet

Good general piece.  The assistants are remarkable, but still cannot handle a common conversation.    What is the future of this?  Convenience of use is now there, I use it every day, but contextual intelligence is not.

Amazon Alexa is great. But what if she could do more?

By Bill Roberson in Digital Trends

A few decades ago, if someone would’ve told you devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home would become common household products, you probably wouldn’t have believed them. But, this is a different time, and these days, we expect a lot from our tech. As a virtual assistant, Alexa has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. In the few short years since she came on the market, she’s added new skills like calling and texting and a routines feature. However, Alexa is not yet a complete A.I. virtual assistant.

Although Alexa has a wide variety of skills, she can’t hold a real conversation.

The truth of the matter is, although Alexa has a wide variety of skills, she can’t hold a real conversation. She’s no good if you ask her questions that involve a slightly more advanced internet search. In the future, we’d like to see Alexa have a few key A.I. capabilities that will elevate her from a speaker to an independent assistant who relies less on basic human commands and more on her own intelligence and intuitive abilities. .... " 

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