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Monday, February 05, 2018

Impact of Innovation from Surveyed Execs

From former correspondent Paul Gillin, always a good writer.  Not sure there is a sharp divide though,  it's more the how and when this will happen.  And how much it is to replace versus augment our skills.   We also interviewed top execs in a previous AI go around, and found both enthusiasm and caution.   But realization it would be a future.  And it was, though mostly deeply embedded in things like smartphones. 

Survey finds executives are sharply divided on the impact of automation
By Paul Gillin in SiliconAngle

 Will robots, artificial intelligence and other smart technology drive new highs in business productivity? Or will it steal jobs from human beings by the millions?

It turns out the consensus is yes.

Or at least that’s what business executives think. A new survey of 3,800 of them from around the world, conducted by Dell Technologies Inc. and the Institute for the Future and released Jan. 30, has found that although people broadly agree that humans and machines will increasingly work in integrated teams, they’re also sharply divided on whether that’s a good or a bad thing. .... " 

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