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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Deeper Learning

Nicely put piece that addresses where AI is going.  Quotes from James Kobielus:

Deeper deep learning shifts AI from sci-fi to software   by R. Danes in SiliconAngle

 The basic framework for artificial intelligence has existed since the 1940s, and organizations have been innovating atop AI advancements ever since. In recent years, big data and advanced deep learning models have pushed AI into the spotlight like never before. Will these new technological ingredients finally produce the intelligent machines envisaged in science fiction, or are current AI trends just the same wine in a fancier bottle?

“It’s actually new wine, but there’s various bottles and you have different vintages,” said James Kobielus (@jameskobielus, below, left), Wikibon.com’s lead analyst for data science, deep learning and application development.  .... " 

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