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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Maturing of the Data Lake

Very good introductory article in CACM:     Lots of players and directions mentioned.  Note the mention of needing 'loosely coupled data' to be better understood.   This gets back to the idea of enhancing data as an asset when combined with other internal or external data.  Consider too how an AI derived 'Bot' might be used to scour data lake resources to look for value enhancing asset combinations.    Opportunities are expanding.

 " ... John O'Brien, CEO of Radiant Advisors, a Boulder, CO-based technology research consultancy, has a succinct view of the current state of databases:

"The concept of database is gone, in my opinion."

O'Brien's sentiment should not be interpreted to mean the reams of data being created by computers and devices across the world will no longer have coherence once stored. Rather, the latest concept in data organization, the data lake—in which raw data, structured and unstructured, of many formats, is stored in one conceptual depository—has emerged.

In contrast to the rigidly pre-formatted data warehouse, the data in the lake is accessed and its schema created upon use ("schema on read") by those with varied purposes, from real-time operational optimization to predictive analytics. This approach, experts say, was an obvious answer to meeting the needs of the new era of big data analytics, in which loosely coupled data is expected to yield valuable new insights.   ... " 

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