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Monday, March 28, 2016

Truth in Film Visualized

In InformationisBeautiful: An interesting view of film truth versus fiction, visualized in a time line.   I took a look at the Turing biopic example 'The Imitation Game'.  Relatively recent history.   I have always been intrigued to understand the extent to which film based on truth is actually true.   Of course, this depends on the contextual meaning of truth.  No video cameras were present, later recollections can always be suspect. Agendas drive portrayal.  And I am sure debatable depending on observer,   A problem with all kinds of history. Would like to see this kind of data in near real time. Worth a look.   Another film done is 'The Social Network',  covering a much later period, but also computing history.

Have used the real-time timeline for other kinds of data like sales delivery versus marketing spend. The simplicity can be instructive.

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