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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seeking Data Capital

A topic I did a study on a few years ago and reported on here as 'Data assets'.  A favorite issue that asks the questions:  How can I predict the value of a data asset under given and changing contexts?  A Bayesian model of this?  One context is what data can be admixed to provide additional value. Consider also the idea of a 'Data Supply Chain', also on the tag below.   Further  Technology Review addresses data capital.

" ... A 2011 study conducted by Brynjolfsson and colleagues at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania supports the concept of data as a capital asset. Based on surveys of nearly 180 large public companies, researchers concluded that businesses that emphasize "data-driven decision making" (DDD) performed highest in terms of output and productivity—typically "5 to 6 percent higher than what would be expected, given their other investments and information technology usage," said the report. "Collectively, our results suggest that DDD capabilities can be modeled as intangible assets which are valued by investors and which increase output and profitability." ... " 

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