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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Self Service Data Preparation

Watson linking to Cognos.   And note too the link to data preparation, often a messy issue.

New! Self-service Data Preparation Tool for Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics

With Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics, you get easy and fast data access and preparation capabilities to export into Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics. The result? The discovery of new insights and intelligence you can amplify throughout your ... 

In IBM business intelligence solutions, natural language lets you engage with your data in a human way. In Watson Analytics, predictive analytics automatically reveals key drivers to help you truly understand the “why” without personal bias so you can take the right action. The managed reporting and dashboards and data security and governance of Cognos Analytics enables insights to flow top down and bottom up, so new intelligence reaches to the far corners of your organization. In the end, there’s more time for doing what’s important. However, until now, a significant challenge remained. ... 

One of the biggest impediments to accurate analytics is data preparation. This long and complex process can take so much time that there’s barely any left for analyzing the data once it’s ready. And yet, without data preparation, the results from analysis just aren’t reliable. . ... " 

Update  3/24/2016:
via david clement [9:39 AM] 
Hi Franz, the recently announced partnership between IBM and Datawatch is meant to allow for people to easily gather data from unstructured or semi-structured data sources such as web pages or PDF files, and bring those into Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics, as well as blend and join data from multiple database sources with far less data prep or modeling effort than can typically come with this task. .... 

Datawatch Monarch compliments the existing light data prep capabilities already in Watson Analytics and extends the data source and data prep capabilities of Cognos Analytics to fill this immediate need for further sources for business people. The link you have provided in your posts a and slack chat is all about the Analytics Exchange and Blue Mix, and is not relevant to the new partnership. Here is the link you might want to refer to https://www.ibm.com/blogs/watson-analytics/ibm-and-datawatch-announce-partnership-at-2016-gartner-bi-analytics-summit/  and here is where you pin pointed the image above   ... "    See also.   ...  "

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