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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Microsoft Pushes New Data Vis Tool SandDance

Recent corporate experience made me marvel about the strong competition among data visualization tools.   Different parts of  large corporations even recommending different software as visualization standards.  Now there is more, from a big player:   In FastCoDesign:  " ... Microsoft's New Data-Viz Tool Puts Excel Charts To Shame ... " SandDance is free-to-use software that will make you feel like a data science guru. ... "  .   Looking further.

" ... Called SandDance, it’s a free-to-use website, produced by the Visualization and Interaction Team (VIBE) in Microsoft Research, and released through the company's experimental Garage initiative. You can also use it as part of Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics platform. (Because data-viz for business analytics is a big business.) ... " 

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Enjoyed the article and thought the video quite good.