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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Coke Freestyle Machine as IOT

We were early examiners of late stage differentiation in the Coke Freestyle machine.  Now its common to see,  Thought of it as a way to understand how consumers tastes change by location, and to deliver those tastes.    But never saw it as an IOT idea.  Time to change our thoughts on that.  This piece also gives a short history its development and how it is evolving.   In Fastcompany. 

" .... "The Freestyle content bundle is the combination of work from 10 different groups within Coke," Steve Hilton, the global IT director for Freestyle, told the Summit audience. "It touches everything, from the content running through the machines all the way to taste-testing the recipes.

"It makes sure the right drinks are going over the air to the right restaurants."

Today, Coke Freestyle machines do 12 million user transactions a day around the world. Users can not only create custom mixtures, but they can also store them on a smartphone and then call them up on the Freestyle screen—even though the machine was designed before the first iPhone came out. ... " 

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