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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Google's Mobile Research Team

This was the kind of thing we did in our innovation centers.  We watched how people were exposed to, bought and used our products.  The idea of sending out mobile teams to do this was brought up, but never implemented in this way. But Google has the money to drive the idea.  You do wonder how different the results will be from all that other data they gather.

 In Engadget:

" ..... Google is hitting the road to see how people outside of its San Francisco-area backyard use its products. The Associated Press reports that the mobile research station will be doing a handful of tour stops across America in an effort to act as a sort of focus group to "shape the future" of its services and apps.

"We are trying to understand the whole end-to-end experience, which is why we are trying to get out to more locations and see more people so we can gather more context," Google's Laura Granka tells the AP. .... " 

Details in the AP Story.

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