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Friday, March 11, 2016

Forrester on Knowledge Discovery

A long time topic of interest.  You can get the full report from Forrester with Registration.  They cover a number of well known vendors in the space:   " ... In Forrester’s 31-criteria evaluation, they've identified nine big data search and knowledge discovery solutions providers — Attivio, Coveo Solutions, Google, HP, IBM, Lexmark International, Lucidworks, Mindbreeze, and Sinequa — and researched, analyzed, and scored their current market offerings. ... " .

Is it best to think of such discovery as a form of search?  Or should such a system be attentive rather than directed?

Recall just last year I investigated IBM's Watson Developer Cloud and Alchemy.    Which includes more cognitive aspects of discovery.   This ranks high in Forrester's analysis.

I would also again point to local vendor Zakta, which I have worked with as well.  Worth a look.

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