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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EU's Robotic Nose for Aroma Sensory Data

A long time challenge, a system that can detect and recognize aroma.   We experimented in the area of coffee beans and blend classification, linked to optimizing machine learning.  But the existing systems could not capture the ppm variances involved.

At the time it was suggested that such a system could 'sniff out' changes in blends or even manufacturing results or emerging issues in real time.  At least the system could gather large quantities of data that could be mined for subtle, or not not so subtle changes.   We have done that in the dimension of imagery, now how about scent? Would this system take us closer to that idea?

See also  Inhalio.com

In the CACM: 
The European Union's BIOMACHINELEARNING project has created a neuromorphic network for odor recognition, running on neuromorphic hardware, which can receive real-time input from electrical gas sensors.

The project's researchers say the technology could lead to the development of a cost-effective, portable, and fully functional robotic nose.

When studying how to improve the accuracy and speed of odor detection and identification, the researchers found they could use bio-inspired signal processing to enhance the signals from sensors and resolve variations in gas concentrations resulting from of a phenomenon called "turbulence." Rapid concentration changes associated with turbulence can be resolved with inexpensive, off-the-shelf gas sensors and appropriate signal processing, according to the researchers. .... " 

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