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Thursday, January 28, 2016

More from Cognitive Assistance Symposium

More from:   AAAI FSS-15 Cognitive Assistance Symposium - Part 2
by Frank Stein, Director of Analytics Solution Center at IBM.  At the link, more from other parts of the report.

" ... This is a continuation from my earlier post. The afternoon session of Day 1 started with 2 interesting talks on cognitive assistance for helping those with cognitive disabilities. Madelaine Sayko described Cog-Aid which would include a cognitive assessment, recommender system (based on the assessment) and an intelligent task status manager to help the patient. Then Daniel Sontag, DFKI, described the Kognit technology program which includes tracking dementia patient’s behavior using eye tracking and mixed reality displays to assist the patient perform activities in daily living. We expect to see more in this area in future symposiums.  ... " 

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