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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marvin Minsky and AI

I see that Marvin Minsky, AI pioneer, died a few days ago.  " ... American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AI laboratory, and author of several texts on AI and philosophy ..."   He inspired us in the late 80s.  Both in the area of using AI in industry, and in applying neural nets for pattern recognition in consumer studies.  That foundational neural network research led to deep learning.

We visited the AI lab  he founded at MIT. Students of that lab staffed our group.  We met a few times, spoke at some of the same conferences, and received some of his critical and impish humor along the way.  Minsky's First Law:  Words should be your servants, not your masters.   ... Minsky's Second Law: Don't just do something. Stand there. ,,,   The Edge does a nice job in Remembering Minsky.     His WP article.

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