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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Machine Learning Reshaping our World

I like the enthusiasm of this, but I disagree somewhat.  True, ML is a kind of learning.  But its still not necessarily easy to get it the right data to learn with, or to configure the ML to make it learn the right thing, or to take the solution and install it into the right business process to provide value.

In DSC, Machine Learning Reshaping our world
by Bernard Marr

Machine learning is inherently different. Rather than telling a computer exactly how to solve a problem, the programmer instead tells it how to go about learning to solve the problem for itself.
Machine learning is really just the very advanced application of statistics to learning to identify patterns in data and then make predictions from those patterns.  This website has a gorgeous visualized walkthrough of how machine learning works, if you are interested. 

Machine learning started as far back as the 1950s, when computer scientists figured out how to teach a computer to play checkers. From there, as computational power has increased, so has the complexity of the patterns a computer can recognize, and therefore the predictions it can make and problems it can solve.  .... "

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