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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Microsoft, P&G Supported Skip App in Test

Mentioned here previously, the Skip in aisle checkoutApp is now in test.   Note the connection to the Azure analytics platform which leverages data gathering from shopper behavior.  See also Krogers test in this area.   We tested  the concept for years.

" ...  A grocer in Scranton, Pennsylvania is about to dramatically change the way his customers shop.

By the end of the year, Gerrity's Supermarkets' nine stores will be using new checkout technology, technology that could someday replace its checkstands.

With an app called Skip – as in "skip the line" – shoppers will be able to scan items as they shop, placing them in their bag as they go. They can enter their payment information (like a card number) into the app and pay for their items before they leave, all on their phone. ... " 

For details see Goskip.com

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