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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Darker Side of Chatbots

Good to see this evolving direction, and the comment below is interesting.    Having looked at and compared NL interfaces from a number of chatbot perspectives, while the measurement may be hard, you do know when you are not understood.  Derived performance measure can be used.

In CWorld:  " ... An A.I. chatbot makes sense for Google. Consumers are increasingly going mobile and searching (pun intended) for an alternative to search. Current alternatives, such as Google's own Google Now or its competitors -- Siri, Cortana, Alexa and others -- all suffer from imperfect voice recognition. And in their state of evolution, they can be unsatisfying to use.

John Underkoffler, the CEO of Oblong Industries (and creator of the Minority Report and Iron Man user interfaces), told me recently that "we haven't built a good feedback system yet" (for voice assistants) that keeps you informed in real time about how well the system is understanding you. Virtual assistants also require a conscious decision to stop doing the current task and actively seek out the virtual assistant, which is a reflex many users haven't developed. ... " 


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