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Monday, January 25, 2016

AI Comes to the Factory Floor

IBM Works with IOT Startup.  Expected this direction much earlier, we worked on similar maintenance related approaches.    See Wi-Next.      See competitive (?)  work in GE Predix Cloud.

" ... Wi-STREAMS™ Platform is a complete and powerful edgeware solution that allows manufacturers to make their machines smarter thanks to a very simple-to-understand value proposition and high ROI, representing a huge opportunity both for vendors of machines and manufacturers in industries with very low margins (such as Fast Moving Goods and Food Service).

The Wi-NEXT Wi-STREAMS™ Platform helps manufacturers to improve process efficiency and quality control even in highly automated environments, usually a plant floor, or in challenging low-cost environments, for example at Point of Sale, with a high ROI due to the low initial cost and simple deployment. ... " 

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