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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Completely On-Demand Economy: Purple

In GigaOM:

" .... The “gig economy” is taking some knocks this month. But a new startup called Purple is showing us why on-demand labor is actually headed for a boom–no matter what employees or regulators say .... 

The inconvenient, infeasible parts of “work” that can’t be done by a robot are simply farmed out to people, mechanical turk-style, putting workers today in a second machine age where humans and automated systems work together to complete all sorts of isolated tasks.

Purple, a gas delivery startup, is one sign of where things are going. While the government and labor ponder the future, Purple is already selling a service that allows you to “order” gasoline for your car and have it fueled wherever the vehicle is currently parked. .... "   

And in BusinessInsider.

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