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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Creating Business Value Through Graph Analytics

Graph Analytics is an interesting topic, but how it creates value is often hard to describe.    A well known vendor Neo4j, provides some good examples of its value and use.  Its more than just a descriptive method.

Business Value of Graphs
Sustainable Competitive  Advantage: Creating Business Value through Data Relationships by Kamille Nixon

" ... Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It’s not from data volume or velocities, but from the knowledge of relationships in your data. Even three years ago, you may not have given DBMS choice much thought, figuring you could create the right applications if you had a crack team of database professionals and developers. Today, however, while you still need great people, changes in application, market, and user requirements also necessitate that you unlock business value from data relationships.

Traditional databases were conceived to digitize paper forms and automate wellstructured business processes, and still have their uses. That said, RDBMSs cannot model or store data and its relationships without complexity, and performance degrades with the number and levels of data relationships and data size. What’s more, adding new types of data and data relationships requires schema redesign that increases time to market. For these reasons, RDBMSs are inappropriate when data relationships are valuable in real time  ... " 

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