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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ground Based GPS

So many crucial services depend on GPS today.    Beacons are a technology that address this.  We examined indoor location finding for retail.   Also may be key for implementing an IOT of many things, behind many walls, in new contexts.

In the SA:
The terrestrial network could eliminate the GPS’s blind spots and advance indoor mapping ... 

Anyone who has struggled to pinpoint his or her location in a mall, airport or urban canyon amid skyscrapers has experienced a GPS gap firsthand. In fact, the global positioning network is filled with them: buildings, jammers and the landscape itself can block a signal's path between GPS satellites and receivers in a smartphone or other digital device. Technologies such as Apple's iBeacon have attempted to fill in holes with linked sensors that track indoor location using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but a new ground-based system by Australian company Locata is the first to produce a signal that merges seamlessly with the GPS network. And it is incredibly accurate. ...  " 

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