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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Jaron Lanier vs the Web

We talked to Jaron Lanier a number of times as we looked at how to visualize and virtualize corporate process.   I have followed his work for years.  Most interesting of late his critical views of the Internet.  More in The Smthsonian,   " .. And so it is with Jaron Lanier and the ideology he helped create, Web 2.0 futurism, digital utopianism, which he now calls “digital Maoism,” indicting “internet intellectuals,” accusing giants like Facebook and Google of being “spy agencies.” Lanier was one of the creators of our current digital reality and now he wants to subvert the “hive mind,” as the web world’s been called, before it engulfs us all, destroys political discourse, economic stability, the dignity of personhood and leads to “social catastrophe.”. .. " 

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