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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney's RFID Wristbands

Disney is planning to use opt-in RFID wristbands to replace ticketing and other behavioral tracking interactions in its parks. Reported on here in Computerworld.  With the usual concerns about tracking.  This will help Disney understand the park behavior of its customers, and lead to better park and amenity design.  We had a number of conversations with them on RF tags.  Surprised this has not happened sooner.  " ... The Disney Parks blog announced that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts will “push the boundaries of creativity and innovation” and are “taking the Disney guest experience to the next level,” but your personal opinion will decide if that is a whole new level of cool or creepy.  Disney’s billion dollar NextGen project includes radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands dubbed “MagicBands” that will interact with sensors throughout the Disney parks and resorts. Tap your MagicBand on the RFID reader and it will replace paper tickets; act as a credit card to buy food and souvenirs, function as a hotel room key, a FastPass and much more. ... "

and more in this blog.

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