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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coke is Gamifying the Game

In Adage:  Coke creates a social media game based on a Superbowl ad.   How well will it work for ongoing engagement beyond the event?   Would it have been better to create something that is football related?   Will it depend on the progress of the football game?    An ad is a short 'bite'of interaction that can be forgotten,  an ongoing game requires fun engagement with some effort.  Will this idea perform? " ... On Facebook today, the beverage giant unveiled a teaser video for a spot it calls "Mirage," a 60-second ad showing that depicts three factions --badlanders, cowboys and showgirls -- racing through the desert in pursuit of a bottle of Coke. The ad, created by Wieden & Kennedy, closes with a cliffhanger, as the groups realize the bottle was simply a sign. Another sign points them "50 miles ahead." In a twist reminiscent of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, consumers will sabotage competitors and choose who wins the Coke, ultimately choosing the 30-second spot that will air post game. ... " 

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