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Monday, January 21, 2013

Facial Analysis and the Brand

In Mediapost: A good example  of a non conscious detection of brand engagement i.e. 'neuromarketing' capability.  Here using the analysis of faces during stimulus  exposure as opposed to in-brain signals.  Here taken up by some big and savvy clients in CPG.  I have written here about Affectiva here before.  We tested the idea while it was still being developed at MIT.  " ... Affectiva was one of "The 5 Most Disruptive Technologies" at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show.... "    .... This should be watched.

" ... Almost a year ago, WPP’s commercial testing company Millward Brown added facial recognition and analysis technology to its offering to better assess the emotional impact of ads. It did so through a partnership with Affectiva, a firm that developed a facial coding technique called Affdex.  Now, after a series of trials, major global clients are signing on to the new testing application. Calling it the largest-scale adaptation of facial coding technology in the industry, Millward said two of its largest clients -- Unilever and The Coca-Cola Co. -- will use the technique for all of their advertising testing in 2013.... " 

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