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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Past and Near Future of Wearable Computing

I recently mentioned our own enterprise experimentation with wearable computing for maintenance tasks.   Consumer oriented wearables are gaining excitement from the emergence of Google Glass.  I see now that Recorded Future has done one of their excellent future looking visual analyses of the whole concept of wearable systems.  See it here.  At the link, float your cursor over the visual for more connectivity information and to get more looks at the future.   It reminds me of some of the exploration work we did at the time with academic and commercial approaches.  We could have used this form of future analysis and visual display back in 2000 when we originally examined wearable.  Again, I recommend taking a look at Recorded Future for any kind of future looking technology analyses.   Great way to organize and communicate analyses of this type.  Another analysis example: About Social Search.

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