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Monday, December 17, 2018

Smart Textiles

We examined options for smart textile cleansing

Graphene Unlocks New Potential for 'Smart Textiles'  by University of Exeter

An international engineering team led by the University of Exeter in the U.K. has pioneered a new method to create fully electronic fibers that can be embedded into the production of everyday apparel to enable "smart textiles." The method involves coating the fibers with lightweight, durable components to allow the direct display of images on the fabric. The engineers employed existing polypropylene fibers to affix graphene-based electronic fibers and create touch-sensor and light-emitting devices. Said Exeter's Ana Neves, "The key to this new technique is that the textile fibers are flexible, comfortable, and light, while being durable enough to cope with the demands of modern life." According to the researchers, this development could revolutionize the fabrication of wearable electronic devices for a wide range of everyday applications, as well as health monitoring and medical diagnostics. ...  "

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