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Monday, December 17, 2018

Blockchain in the Ad World

Don't quite get this,  but intrigued by the advantages claimed and involved, beyond classic IT. 

The Blockchain Will Tear Through The Ad Market Like A Tornado

The blockchain will restore balance to a market that desperately needs it — the ad market. There is an unusually large number of blockchain companies desperate to get involved. When I last took a look, I counted nineteen. This is the list: Algebraix, Adbank, Adchain, Adcoin, AdEx, AdsCash, Adshares, AHOOLEE, ATMChain, BAT, Bitclave, Kind Ads, Mass, Nexus, Papyrus, Presearch, Qchain, Rebel AI and XCHNG.

I keep an eye on them, because I do the competitive analysis work for Algebraix. But it’s probably not an exhaustive list, as I’ve not done a web sweep for a few weeks now.

The Dark Secret of the Digital Ad World
Ok, it’s clear that web users hate digital adverts, especially pop-ups and anything animated. We install ad blockers, and if anything gets through, we focus away from the ad noise in search of the signal we seek. It’s an awful environment ruined, in my opinion not by the technology but by the lack of it.

When the Internet emerged, in theory, there were two possibilities for magazines and newspapers if they wished to earn a living in the digital world. Either readers would have to pay for content or publishers would gather revenue from advertisers. .... "

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