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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Killing the Password

When we traveled in the enterprise we always took a key generating device with us as a means to replace the password, which was then combined with the use of a pin  Nice to see this is becoming more broadly used.

Your New Yubikey will help kill the password  By Lily Hay Newman in Wired

 BY NOW IT'S hopefully been drilled into you to enable two-factor authentication on your online accounts, giving you more protection than a password alone. And while the most ubiquitous second factor is a numeric code sent to your smartphone via an app, physical tokens that you plug into your computer have become increasingly popular. And now they're angling to make passwords obsolete.

On Monday, the hardware authentication company Yubico is announcing a new generation of its physical YubiKey tokens that support password-less login. The Series 5 YubiKeys get this streamlined mojo from FIDO2, a new version of an open source standard that facilitates secure authentication. As companies like Microsoft adopt the standard over the next few months, all you'll need for a secure log-in is to plug in and tap your new YubiKey. That's it.   ... " 

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