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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Kroger Goes Live with Self-Driving Delivery

Seeing these live, commonly, will be the view of a new world.

Kroger goes live with self-driving delivery vehicles
Supermarket giant sells You Technology digital coupon unit
By Russell Redman

In a pair of technology announcements today, The Kroger Co. said it has started using unmanned vehicles for online grocery deliveries and formed a new relationship for managing digital offers.

At a Fry’s Food Store in Scottsdale, Ariz., Kroger launched what it calls the first-ever autonomous vehicle delivery service available to the general public. The service follows a successful pilot with Nuro, a Mountain View, Calif.-based robotics and artificial intelligence specialist, that began in August.

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The test with Nuro in Scottsdale, which made almost a thousand grocery deliveries, used a fleet of self-driving Prius cars accompanied by vehicle operators, Kroger said. With the official launch of the service, the delivery fleet is being expanded to include the Nuro R1 custom unmanned vehicle.

With no driver or passengers, the R1 travels on public roads and only transports goods. The vehicle has been in development since 2016.  ... "

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