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Friday, December 21, 2018

AI and Enterprise Business

But What Does It Mean!? How Enterprise AI is Going to (Further) Revolutionize Business  By Beth Partridge

We keep hearing that artificial intelligence is going to change the face of business forever. I happen to agree – it’s why I started milk+honey – but what’s missing from most of these declarations is a clear explanation of how AI is going to revolutionize business. What, exactly, is going to be different? This piece is the first in a series I’ve written to explain what AI actually looks like in a business context. My hope is that business leaders running companies outside of the data-native technology sector will start to see what’s possible with enterprise-based AI (EAI), and why its impact is indeed revolutionary. From there, future pieces I publish will make sense, and the focus will be on how to get things done.  ... " 

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