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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Autonomous Cars Reading Passenger Emotions

Driver emotions might be interesting, but if there aren't any drivers?   Have always been interested in how the behavior of passengers in self-driving cars, which will now include the former driver, will change.  We followed the affective group at MIT for some time as members, worth a look.

Kia wants future autonomous cars to be able to read passengers’ emotions   By Stephen Edelstein in DigitalTrends

At CES 2019, Kia will look into the future, to a time when self-driving cars are the norm. When every person is a passenger, companies will need new ways to improve the experience, Kia reasons. The automaker believes artificial-intelligence technology that can recognize human emotions is the way to do that.

Kia is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab’s Affective Computing group to develop a system called READ, short for Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving. Kia calls the system a world first, claiming it can analyze a person’s emotional state through “bio-signal recognition technology” and artificial intelligence. The system can then alter certain aspects of the cabin to lift the occupant’s mood, according to Kia.  ... " 

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