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Monday, December 17, 2018

Proactive Events in Alexa Skills

From the Alexa Skill Developer news feed, of interest, with an example:

Send Timely Information to Your Alexa Skill Customers with the ProactiveEvents API   By June Lee

We are excited to announce the availability of the ProactiveEvents API. With the API, you can enable your Alexa skills to send notifications to customers who have granted permissions. By providing timely, relevant information, you can keep your customers engaged and retain them effectively. The Gomi Maru skill, which helps with recycling and garbage collection in Japan, is a great example. “The garbage collection schedules in Japan are different every week, and that makes it difficult for customers to remember when it’s garbage day. Thanks to the ProactiveEvents API, we built a skill that proactively sends notifications to customers on the garbage collection days. It helps customers avoid having to keep garbage in their houses for a long time,” says Shinya Terasaki, Principal Engineer at Shaxware Inc.  ... " 

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