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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Does AI Make Tech Companies Stronger?

Very good thoughtful piece on the relationship of data, machine learning and its application.  Just the header below.  Read on at the link and subscribe to these useful pieces.  Concur, yes, you typically need lots of data, but it still depends very much on how you apply the results to business decisions.

By Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz 

Does AI make strong tech companies stronger?

Machine learning is probably the most important fundamental trend in technology today. Since the foundation of machine learning is data - lots and lots of data - it’s quite common to hear that the concern that companies that already have lots of data will get even stronger. There is some truth to this, but in fairly narrow ways, and meanwhile ML is also seeing much diffusion of capability - there may be as much decentralization as centralization.   ... " 

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