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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Eye Tracking Helps Augmented Reality

Pointed at by some of our retail experiments.

Eye-Tracking Technology Could Help AR 
The Dartmouth    by Anthony Robles

Dartmouth College researchers have developed battery-free eye-tracking glasses that could enhance augmented reality (AR) technologies. Dartmouth's Tianxing Li and Xia Zhou designed the eye tracker to fit into ordinary glasses and identify the location and size of the pupil. Zhou said the solution can optimize rendering for AR glasses, with potential medical applications that include "health monitoring" and evaluating "the effectiveness of certain clinical treatments." AR gamers also could benefit, since the technology allows them to use eye movements as an "interface to interact with the virtual scene." According to Zhou, eliminating the battery pack makes it possible to "continuously track eye movements" without requiring a recharge. Added Li, “One of the goals for the project is that we want to push human sensing functionality to its limit.”  ... ' 

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