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Monday, December 24, 2018

Future of Voice with Human Mimicking

Was recently asked about voice based systems that mimic/fool people into thinking the speaker is human.  Notably for both assistant and possible marketing applications.  Notably the 'Google Duplex' method demonstrated this year.  This article in theVerge outlines their possible issues and next steps:

Google is being vague with disclosure in early real-world Duplex calls    By Chris Welch@chriswelch  

Google has begun rolling out its futuristic Duplex feature, which can automatically make voice calls to restaurants and other businesses on a user’s behalf, to a small group of Pixel owners in “select” cities around the US. VentureBeat managed to test out Duplex in the real world and recorded what the experience is like when initiating a call through Google Assistant. That part seems fairly straightforward. But the exchange between Duplex and a restaurant on the other side of the call is raising some early concerns about transparency.   .... " 

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