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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Google Lens Re-Design: For Agriculture?

Yes, very much like what I see.    Gets back to the whole issue of visual similarity search.   About to try this with a long ago project in the area of agriculture, horticulture, Forestry and related mobile data gathering.    Allow a farmer to quickly gather mobile information from a planting or field about the nature of its plants.   How many plants are in what stage?  What are the weeds?  What is the soil type?   Moisture level?  Estimated harvest dates and production?   Data capture for Agricultural AI analysis?  All this has considerable value. Long been doing some testing with plant recognition apps.   How much further can this be taken with Google Lens?  Anyone working this or have pointers?

Google Lens celebrates its first anniversary with redesign, OCR update
By Georgina Torbet in DigitalTrends

Google Lens has been changing the way that smartphone users make use of the camera on their device for a year now. Using deep machine learning to analyze images collected through a device’s camera, the app can perform tasks like telling you about a book when you take a photo of the cover, identifying shops or locations by looking at a picture of them, or connecting to a wifi network when the camera is pointed at a label showing the login data. ... "

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