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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Alexa Patents a form of Healthcare Assistance?

Only a patent, so its hard to say where this might go.  Look at the link for more details.   Implying a diagnosis and  prescribing a remedy seems a dangerous direction.  But looking at it more broadly and then curating a shopping list for OTC remedies? How different is that from advertisement?  With the potential for having a human health practitioner brought into the loop?

Alexa, Does This Cough Sound Bad?
 Jeff Becker, Senior Analyst  Forrester

Alexa Enters Healthcare

Amazon was recently issued a new patent that will push its Alexa personal assistant into the health care realm. The patent, filed October 9th, describes a relatively straight-forward idea: program Alexa’s speech recognition to identify coughs and sniffles, then use that information to upsell cold medicine and chicken soup. The idea is simple, and its execution should be easy to deploy and scale. Amazon already has an army of devices quietly listening in our homes, and soon to be cars. According to the new patent, the next Alexa update could bring statements like “I hear you have a sore throat, are you interested in buying cough medicine?”   ..... ' 

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