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Friday, December 21, 2018

Case study: Converting Hand Written to Integers

Nice little but complete toy example pattern learning, with test data and code.  Real time solver.  With links to more examples:

Real time numbers recognition (MNIST) on an iPhone with CoreML from A to Z
By Thomas Ebermann

Learn how to build and train a deep learning network to recognize numbers (MNIST),how to convert it in the CoreML format to then deploy it on your iPhoneX and make it recognize numbers in realtime!

This is the third part of our deep learning on mobile phones series. In part one I have shown you the two main tricks on how to use convolutions and pooling to train deep learning networks. In part two I have shown you how to train existing deep learning networks like resnet50 to detect new objects. In part three I will now show you how to train a deep learning network, how to convert it in the CoreML format and then deploy it on your mobile phone!

TLDR: I will show you how to create your own iPhone app from A-Z that recognizes handwritten numbers: .... "

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