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Friday, December 28, 2018

Harvard Caselaw Access Project

Taking  a deeper dive into the details of this, and notably who is looking at related predictive analytics that might be applied.

Project: Caselaw Access Project

Where can I find Caselaw Access Project?

What does Caselaw Access Project do?

The Caselaw Access Project is making all U.S. case law freely accessible online.

Why does Caselaw Access Project exist?
Our common law - the written decisions issued by our state and federal courts - is not freely accessible online. This lack of access harms justice and equality and stifles innovation in legal services.

The Harvard Law School Library has one of the world's largest, most comprehensive collections of court decisions in print form. Our collection totals over 42,000 volumes and roughly 40 million pages. Caselaw Access Project aims to transform the official print versions of these court decisions into digital files made freely accessible online. ...

They are working with Ravel:    https://www.ravellaw.com/  Note examples of the use of legal analytics. 

Detailed Description of work:  http://etseq.law.harvard.edu/2015/10/free-the-law-overview/

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